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LJK manages efficient storage of customers’ products, either large or small volumes of products. We provide storage and warehousing solution for both long and short term storage solutions and accommodate and manage customer overflow requirements. We perform several services, including: inbound logistics, vendor management, manufacturing support, order fulfillment and other value-added services.

Contract / Dedicated

Dedicated warehousing is usually characterized by a useful term of more than 6 months. It has several benefits, including an advantageous partnership with the warehouse service, assured availability of storage/warehouse space, reliable storage and service, and more attractive rates.

Temperature-Controlled & Freezer Warehousing

A climate controlled warehouse includes frozen and cooled environment. A frozen environment falls under -18°C, while a cooled environment falls between +19°C and +25°C. Some items must be kept frozen while others may be damaged by the intense cold. Our established warehouse services divide items carefully and monitor temperature to ensure products and materials are kept in their specified temperature ranges. Each item is stored according to its unique needs, including clean, fresh storage for consumables and secure, sealed storage for chemicals and other substances.

3-In-1 Warehouses & Shophouses

These are small to medium-sized, self-contained warehouses and shophouses that incorporate an office, a shop or retail space and a warehouse space at the back of each of these units. The concept is largely popular among the SMEs, newly startup entrepreneurs and business owners, enabling business operators to effectively monitor and control their business operation all at once. The 3-in-1 concept has also proven to be highly efficient to operate and offers significant cost-savings to business owners and operators who otherwise require separate locations as office, retail or shop front and warehouses.

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Bypass storage charges by moving freight in a sequence


Cross docking services allow you to bypass storage charges by moving freight in a sequence from receiving to outbound shipping. Freight is moved quickly, usually in 72 hours or less, from a brief holding point until it is redistributed within a region. Cross docking allows for efficient pool distribution within an area and reduces shipping expenses. Inbound orders are consolidated in the area of redistribution before they are shipped and then delivered outbound without the need for expensive storage or reloading. This allows your products to move to key areas faster and more efficiently than shipping each order individually. Our clients coordinate their orders strategically to optimize cross docking services and deliver their products most effectively.

Integrated Logistics Solution